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Tape & Label

Bostik is a leading supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive technologies for the tape and label industry. Adhesives for tape and label are used in many different applications and for many different purposes in modern life. Each of them requires specific features from the adhesive during the converting process and its life cycle.

Based on its long expertise in converting, Bostik offers hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive solutions designed for specific end users, and matching processing requirements. The adhesive can be tailored to customer application technologies and relevant substrates. Bostik‚Äôs market-focused technical and sales teams work with our customers to assure we bring the proper adhesive technology along with optimised operating efficiencies to the converters. 

Bostik comprehensive range includes products for permanent, removable, cold temperature, deep-freeze, high temperature resistance for paper and filmic face material in labels and tapes. Many challenges are met, such as good processability for high line speed, clean die-cutting, excellent holding power, clarity and adhesion to low surface energy substrate.




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