Rigid packaging

Bostik’s roots in the packaging marketplace date back to the early 1900’s, encompassing most packaging and converting applications. Over time, our product line has evolved to keep up with the demanding requirements of the dynamic and creative packaging industry. Bostik's innovative approach explains the success of its adhesive solutions based on a wide range of leading technologies, including reactive and non-reactive, hot-melts and water-based products.

Bostik's line of hot-melt (Thermogrip®) and water-based (Aquagrip®) adhesives offers solutions for bonding coated and non-coated corrugated and fiberboard substrates. We specialize in difficult to bond, surface-treated stock and excel in high-speed production.

Bostik's product lines cover a full range of applications:

   Case and carton sealing, tray erecting
   Bag construction and sealing
   Folding boxes and composite cans
   Bottle and can labelling
   Specialty applications (straw attachment, palletising,...)